Niraj Kumar Nir

Founder & CEO

Our civilisation does not prosper because we are driven to succeed as individuals, but it flourishes only when we as individuals have inspiration and purpose to make lives better for each other. For me, it was this realisation that lead to the foundation and foray of Aishwarya Group into healthcare and pharmaceutical in 2005 with a mission to manufacture quality medicines meeting global standards, available at affordable prices to people across the world. For over a decade this has been the driving philosophy behind the group, nurturing our work ethics, giving shape to our infrastructure growth, influencing the human resources we hired, and in the process contributing to our expansion to become the second largest manufacturing setup In India.

Be it Healthcare, Lifesciences or Biopharma, at Aishwarya our every effort and objective has been towards creating a future wherein no medication is beyond means and/or reach for anyone, anywhere. Every time we take a step in pursuit of this goal, every time we succeed in reaching out to someone, somewhere in need, it inspires us to see the difference we make to their life. It inspires us to see how better health helps transform life to vibrate with greater joy and positivity. It inspires us to know that when we make medication affordable for someone ailing it makes life easier for not just them but also their families. It inspires us when we see how individuals in good health and families with lesser concerns and burdens contribute to a happier and thriving human society. That is why, at Aishwarya we are inspired by life.

Our journey so far has seen us achieve quite a few landmarks and milestones. But at Aishwarya, we measure our growth, success and achievements by the degree of change we bring as a catalyst for a more advanced, effecient and economical global healthcare environment and good health is something we contribute to bring about further betterment of other lives connected with it.

Aishwarya Nir


Aishwarya Nir brings her manifold academic learnings and hands on experience to steer the Group’s efforts and policies related to serving healthcare globally. Ms Nir plays a pivotal role in providing a deeper insight into multiple variables that brings about a more holistic understanding of human life, health and economic concerns in various parts of the world. besides adding a new dimension to our philosophy, ideology and legacy that is Inspired by Life.