Why CSR?

Karmically ‘Inspired by Life’, it is only but natural that at Aishwarya we also imbibe a deeper sense of obligation when it comes to sharing and giving back to the society in more ways that one. Channeling our efforts in this philanthropic cause, Aishwarya Care (the group’s CSR wing), has tie ups with two NGOs - Divya Prabha & Jeeva Asha Charitable Society for executing various society upliftment programs. Besides this, Aishwarya Care, also supports in cash and kind to Cancer Patients Aid Association. Aishwarya Group firmly believes that ‘Charity Begins At Home’ and thus any CSR initiative cannot be complete without extending it’s benefits to employees within the group’s companies. Fulfilling this primary obligation Aishwarya Care actively supports children of all our plant workers at Baddi with stationary and other educational resource materials.

CSR Mission

Our Mission is to supplement those who are in need with enough help wherever we can. We are primarily working to resolve problems in three sectors:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Disaster Relief

CSR Policy

We strive to carry out disaster relief or health and wellness programs in rural or remote parts of the country and abroad, where accessing necessary resources is extremely difficult. We are also working towards allocating resources in good education for kids who do not have access to it , after all education is the biggest donation one can make.


NGO Tie Up With Jeevan Asha Charitable Society.


Team at Aishwarya is volunteering to educate at Divya Prabha Distress Home For Girls.

Disaster Relief

Sending out relief packages for Nepal Earthquake victims in 2015. Relief packages for Bihar Flood victims in 2008